Áron Tóbiás



Meet Meets Join: The Interaction between Pooled and Common Knowledge

International Journal of Game Theory, 50, 989–1019 (2021)

A Unified Epistemological Theory of Information Processing

Theory and Decision, 90, 63–83 (2021)

Non-Linear Pricing and Optimal Shipping Policies

Games and Economic Behavior, 112, 194–218 (2018)

Income Redistribution in Open Economies

Journal of Public Economics, 134, 19–34 (2016)

Working Papers

Equilibrium Non-Existence in Generalized Games

accepted for publication, Games and Economic Behavior

Rational Altruism

revise & resubmit, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Cognitive Limits and Preferences for Information

revised & resubmitted, Decisions in Economics and Finance

Research Interests

microeconomic theory

public finance

political economy