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Áron Tóbiás


Academic Publications

Cognitive Limits and Preferences for Information

Decisions in Economics and Finance, 46, 221–253 (2023)

Rational Altruism

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 207, 50–80 (2023)

Equilibrium Non-Existence in Generalized Games

Games and Economic Behavior, 135, 327–337 (2022)

Meet Meets Join: The Interaction between Pooled and Common Knowledge

International Journal of Game Theory, 50, 989–1019 (2021)

A Unified Epistemological Theory of Information Processing

Theory and Decision, 90, 63–83 (2021)

Non-Linear Pricing and Optimal Shipping Policies

Games and Economic Behavior, 112, 194–218 (2018)

Income Redistribution in Open Economies

Journal of Public Economics, 134, 19–34 (2016)

Policy Publication

Assessing the Potential for Incentives 

to Raise Prices in Multi-Sided Platform Mergers

with Ildikó Magyari

newsletter article, American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section International Committee (2024)

Working Papers

Research Interests

microeconomic theory

public finance

political economy

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